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Risk Map Project Quarterly Report for Lower Boise (Canyon County), Idaho - April 27, 2018

This status update will specifically address work performed in the Canyon County, Idaho portion of the Lower Boise Watershed project.  If you would like to receive status updates for work performed in the Ada County, Idaho portion of the Lower Boise Watershed project, please make a request to RXProjectUpdates@starr-team.com.   

Project History
The State of Idaho identified the Lower Boise Watershed as a priority for FEMA's Risk MAP program.  The State determines its priorities based on population at risk to hazards, recent events, and community interest.  FEMA, State, and Local stakeholders participated in Risk MAP Discovery Meetings held on June 7 and 8, 2011 where community concerns were identified.  These concerns were captured in the Risk MAP Discovery Report and delivered to the communities in the watershed.  After the Discovery Meetings, community concerns were researched and analyzed, in order to develop a scope of work that includes updates to the communities' regulatory flood maps and Multi-hazard Risk Assessments based on community-identified resilience needs.  Multiple partners are involved in this effort.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Walla Walla District is primarily responsible for Engineering, STARR II is primarily responsible for updates to the regulatory flood maps, and University of Idaho is primarily responsible for Risk Assessments.

Project Milestones and Deliverables:


 Point of Contact

 Actual/Projected Date

 Risk MAP Discovery Meetings

 Charlie Kline

 June 7 and 8, 2011

 Flood Risk Review Meeting (FRR)/Draft Maps

 David Ratté

 January 14 and 15, 2015

 Preliminary DFIRM/FIS Release

 Matt Breen

 September 16 and 23, 2016 (Canyon and Ada)

 Consultation Coordination Officers (CCO)  Meeting

 David Ratté

 September 27, 2016

 Public Meeting/Workshop

 Sarah Shannon

 January 31, February 1 & 2, 2017

 Appeal Period Starts

 Matt Breen

 May 17, 2017

 Appeal Period Ends

 Matt Breen

 August 14, 2017

 Draft Multi-Hazard Risk Report

 Charlie Kline

 October 2017

 Risk Assessment Webinar

 Charlie Kline

 November 9, 2017

 Risk MAP Resilience Workshop

 Charlie Kline

 November 29, 2017 


 City of Star (Canyon County) Appeal Period Starts

 Matt Breen

 May 9, 2018*

 City of Star (Canyon County) Appeal Period Ends

 Matt Breen

 August 6, 2018*

 Letter of Final Determination

 Matt Breen

 November 2018*


 Delivery of Final Risk Report and Risk Assessment Database

 Charlie Kline

 To Be Determined*

 Maps and FIS become Effective

 David Ratté

 May 2019*

*All projected dates are subject to revision as the project progresses.

Recent Activity
The original statutory 90-day appeal, which was initiated on the second newspaper publication, May 17, 2017, ended August 14, 2017.  FEMA did receive some comments with supporting data.  FEMA sent comment acknowledgement letters recently to affected communities.


It was discovered that the City of Star, a dual-county community, was not included in the original statutory 90-day appeal period for the incorporated areas within Canyon County.  In order to provide due process to all impacted communities, a second statutory 90-day appeal period is being initiated for the City of Star within Canyon County only.  That process is underway with the expectation that the new appeal period will begin on May 9th, following the second publication date in the local newspaper. 

Next Steps
STAR II will review and resolve any comments/appeals received from the City of Star (Canyon County).


FEMA will send your community the Letter of Final Determination (LFD) to formally notify you of the final flood hazard determination.  We anticipate that the Canyon County LFD will occur this fall and the Ada County LFD will occur spring 2019.  The final notice for FHDs will be published in the Federal Register after issuance of the LFDs.

The effective date for the project will be six months after the LFD issue date.  Communities must adopt a compliant floodplain management ordinance by the maps’ effective date in order to remain participants in good standing in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Additional information on this project including the project area and Risk MAP contacts can be found online at:

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading or are prompted for credentials when clicking the file name on the website, cancel the prompt and instead right-click the file name and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As".


FEMA held a resilience meeting with Canyon County on Nov. 29, 2017. The resilience meeting included information about risk to multiple hazards and focused on future mitigation and planning opportunities. The final materials have been developed for the resilience phase. Links to all of the documents, presentations, and map viewer can be found below:


Canyon County Resilience Meeting Presentation, Risk Report, and Implementation Plan: https://eftp.mbakerintl.com/message/YcEHyOde6k2ZTE9RetGCCp


Canyon County Risk Assessment Map Viewer: http://arcg.is/1Xzmyv


Canyon County Map Package (Requires GIS): https://filetransferna.atkinsglobal.com/link/TZM2lmXgd3J63ByN33L0Gu


General Information:
If you have questions about this Risk MAP project, please contact the FEMA Regional Engineer, David Ratte, david.ratte@fema.dhs.gov, 425-487-4657

The STARR II Region X Help Desk is another resource available to answer project-related questions.  STARR II staff will route and research your question, and respond within three business days.  Submit your questions via email, the address is RegionXHelpDesk@starr-team.com.

If you want to keep up with what’s happening around Region 10, get project status updates, or learn about upcoming events and training opportunities, subscribe to the Region X monthly newsletter.  For more information or to subscribe, email rxnewsletter@starr-team.com .

Current and past issues of the newsletter, project status updates, announcements, upcoming events, and training opportunities are also available online at the STARR II website, www.starr-team.com (shortcut link: http://j.mp/starrrxnews).





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