The City of Middleton excited to offer on-line building and inspection permitting. Beginning March 16, 2020 all residential plans and subsequent inspection requests will need to be submitted through the on-line portal. All new applications need to be submitted online at the following link:                Citizen Serve Portal

Contractor and Sub-Contractor portal instructions are attached.

All contractors and sub-contractors will need to register prior to submitting an application. The portal will be the central place for submitting plans and requesting inspections. Subcontractors are required to pay fees at the time of submittal, building permit fees are paid at the at the time of approval. All fees can be paid by a credit card with a 3% convenience fee (not a city fee), or at no charge with an E-check (with bank routing and account number.)

For assistance please contact the Applicant Portal Help Line at 1-800-325-9818 or Jennica Reynolds at 208-585-3133 or jreynolds@middletoncity.com.

Contractor Portal Directions

Sub-Contractor Portal Directions