The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations or decisions based on planning policies and goals, major projects issues related to land use, zoning, transportation, and housing issues, as outlined in the Middleton Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning& Zoning Commission consists of 6 members serving staggered terms of 3 years. An appointed member must reside in Middleton City limits except no more than 2 members may be appointed that live in the area of impact.

Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 5:30 p.m.on the second Monday of each month in the City Council Chamber at 1103 W Main Street.


Name   Contact Appointment Expires
Ray Waltemate, Chairman     December 15, 2024
Kip Crofts     April 21, 2024
Heidal Summers, Vice Chairman     September 13, 2024
Mark Christiansen     December 15, 2024
Allen Tremble     December 15, 2024
Vacant Position     3 Year Term


The Impact Fee Advisory Committee is appointed by the City Council and shall have no fewer than five (5) members. Two (2) or more members shall be active in the business of development, building or real estate. The committee serves in an advisory capacity and is established to:

  • (a)Assist the governmental entity in adopting land use assumptions;
  • (b)Review the capital improvements plan, and proposed amendments, and file written comments;
  • (c)Monitor and evaluate implementation of the capital improvements plan;
  • (d)File periodic reports, at least annually, with respect to the capital improvements plan and report to the governmental entity any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing the development impact fees; and
  • (e)Advise the governmental entity of the need to update or revise land use assumptions, capital improvements plan and development impact fees.

Committee members serve without pay. The committee meets annually or as requested by City staff. There is no statutory limit for term expiration.


Name Profession
Tyler Ashton Builder
Jim Taylor Resident, City
Kelly Case Resident, City
Brett Bishop Builder
Michael Graefe Resident, City


The Board of Trustees manages and controls the affairs of the library. They make and adopt bylaws, rules, and policies of the library. They appoint and supervise the librarian, and adopt an annual budget, with the approval of the City Council. The trustees serve without pay for a term of five years and for not more than two terms.


Name Appointment Expires
Marisela Shumway January 2, 2023
Marie Knapp May 14, 2024
Wade Worten September 15, 2025
Jeff Miller September 1, 2026
Logan Green January 19, 2027

The Urban Renewal Commission is comprised of five (5) commissioners appointed by the Mayor. The commission makes recommendations on the acquisition and disposition of properties in designated Urban Renewal areas. Powers attributed to this body include executing the powers of eminent domain for mixed-income housing opportunities and other projects that support economic and community development.


Name Appointment Expires
Ray Waltemate March 17, 2026
Brent Bishop, Vice Chairman January 20, 2026
Carrie Huggins January 1, 2024
Rob Kiser, Chairman January 20, 2026
Carl Lohrengel March 17, 2026