The  future land use map shows future residential, residential –special area, commercial, industrial, mixed use, public and transit oriented land uses inside the Middleton city limits. 

Future Land Use Map

Risk MAP Project Quarterly Reports for Lower Boise, Idaho

Risk MAP Project Quarterly Report for Lower Boise, Idaho July 2017

Fema Parcels Map

The FEMA parcels map shows parcels in Middleton and the surrounding area that are in the AE floodway, AE base floodplain (100 year floodplain) with flood elevations determined, the A floodplain (100 year floodplain) with no base flood elevations determined, and the 200 year floodplain. 

Parcels Map

FEMA Proposed Floodplain Map

The City of Middleton received the below “Preliminary Flood Insurance Risk Maps 9/16/2016” A 90-day appeal period is scheduled to start in October or November of 2016. Appeals must be filed with the city or county where the subject property is, and “If an appeal or protest results in significant changes, FEMA will revise the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report and FIRM and send revised copies to [the] community for review.”

Appeals regarding property in Middleton city limits should be submitted to Mayor Darin Taylor. Appeals regarding property outside of city limits should be submitted to Canyon County Development Services Department at 111 N. 11th Street, Caldwell, Idaho.


The below map shows transportation (existing and future roads, existing and future pedestrian/bicycle trails,  future transit routes and stations, existing and future bridges, and future roundabouts), facilities (museums, schools, future schools, parks and future parks), plats (final plats authorized for building, preliminary plats authorized for infrastructure, and expired preliminary plats authorized for infrastructure), as well as the Middleton City boundaries, Middleton City Impact Area, and Nampa and Caldwell Impact Areas.

Transportation, Schools and Recreation Map


The Zoning Map shows existing zoning for the City of Middleton, which includes residential, commercial, industrial/manufacturing, mixed use, and multi-family zones.

Zoning Map